■ Job Description

1. Assist to arrange the schedule of the President.
2. Arrange school affairs council, school administration council, school leaders (principals) council, etc.
3. Initially review official documents (/drafts), accounting documents from all units.
4. Responsible for the first review on accounting documents from all units.
5. Charge the signing and stamping duties.
6. Charge official documents receiving and dispatching.
7. Responsible for the electronic document exchange system maintenance.
8. Execute the important projects.

■ Members

Supervisor /  Chin-Yi Chen


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute StaffHsin-Fang Wu

 Hui-Ling Wang 


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute StaffShih-Hsuan Lu  /  Yi-Huei Liau

Yi-Huei Liau


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute Staff:Hui-Ling Wang / Shih-Hsuan Lu 

Yong-Hsin Huang


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute StaffShih-Hsuan Lu / Yi-Huei Liau 

Shih-Hsuan Lu


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute Staff:Hui-Ling Wang / Yong-Hsin Huang