■ Job Description

1. Integrating school propaganda with different resources
    (media, public relation, publishing, web page, community website).
2. Maintaining the connection with media, government, and alumni.
3. Planning and executing major events.
4. Handling press conferences, press release and media crisis.
5. Managing fundraising services and planning fundraising events.
6. Maintaining the alumni database and information management.
7. Publishing e-news, KMU magazine and bilingual introduction.
8. Marinating school bilingual website.
9. Handle other major duties as assigned.

■ Members

Supervisor /  Ching-Ying Pao


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute Staff:Hui-Wen Chuang

 Kuo-Chung Huang


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute Staff:I-Hsuan Lee / Ya-Lan Chen

I-Hsuan Lee


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute Staff:Kuo-Chung Huang /  Ya-Lan Chen

Yu-Ling Chuang


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute Staff:Yun-Fei Ku / Kuo-Chung Huang

Ya-Lan Chen


Extension: 2101/2102/2103

Substitute Staff:I-Hsuan Lee / Kuo-Chung Huang